How To Keep Your Yard Looking Nice – Without Getting Hurt

Mow With Caution: When you think of yard work, one thing that quickly jumps to mind is mowing, at least during the summer months. While lawn mowers are certainly very useful machines, they can also be very dangerous. To minimize your injury risk, wear tight fitting clothing with no loose strings; this will help ensure that none of your clothes get caught in any moving parts of the mower. Wearing closed-toed shoes is another good idea.

Plant Problems: As great as the outdoors can be, they are not without their drawbacks, such as poisonous plants. Specifically, poison ivy, oak and sumac have been responsible for countless allergic reactions across the United States. The key to avoiding them is, simply put, to be aware of where they are. Wearing long pants, long sleeves and boots doesn’t hurt either.

Grill Maintenance: Along with ice cream, hamburgers and hot dogs are foods that are synonymous with summer. But before you start grilling, make sure to take a close look at the inside of your grill. During the winter and spring months, a number of various animals can decide to use your grill as prime real estate for their nests. If not removed, these nests could catch fire when the grill is used.

Patch Up Pitfalls: Different types of rodents can wreak havoc on your yard by digging hole after hole. These pitfalls might lead to some nasty trips and falls. You may want to occasionally survey your front and back yards for both holes and loose soil. If critters of various stripes continue to tear up your yards, consider calling a professional.

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