How to Keep Your Spring Allergies in Check

Get Help with Yard Work: The onset of spring sees the growth of grass, flowers and weeds. If not properly maintained, your front and back yards will quickly be overgrown with all sorts of plant life. Rather than mowing your lawn by yourself, try to enlist others to do this chore for you if possible. 

Mask Up! If you’re forced to go outside to do yard work, consider putting on a pollen mask. 

Change Your Clothes: After being outside for a while, you might be surprised to know that a large amount of pollen might be clinging to your clothes. To avoid having your allergies triggered, try taking a shower and putting on a new set of clothes.

Buy a HEPA Filter: You may not have ever heard of a HEPA filter, but rest assured that these filters are valuable products. In a nutshell, HEPA filters force air to move through a structure which traps small particles like dust mites, pet dander – and pollen. 

Buy a HEPA Vacuum: HEPA filters are also built into certain vacuum cleaners. You can use these vacuums to get rid of any pollen clinging to your floor.

Keep Tabs on Pollen Counts: Weather reports aren’t the most scintillating form of entertainment, but pollen counts are highly useful to allergy sufferers. On days when pollen count reports indicate high levels of pollen, try to limit your time outside. 

Keep Pollen Out of Your Home: When pollen counts rise, it’s important to keep pollen grains from flying into your home. After the sun goes down, close your doors and shut your windows to keep out airborne pollen.  

Buy Dust Mite-Proof Coverings: Dust mites are microscopic, insect-like bugs that can be found virtually anywhere. However, you can keep them away from your bed with the aid of dust mite-repelling pillow cases and mattress coverings.

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