How Older Drivers Can Drive Safe

by Wellness Editor – MH

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your risk of being involved in a fatal automotive crash starts to increase after age 70. The reasons behind this pattern often involve deteriorating vision, coordination and reaction time. Despite these challenges, older drivers can take steps to reduce their risk of accident.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle – Regular walking, stretching and strength training can make it easier for drivers to maneuver inside their cars.

Get Your Vision and Hearing Checked – Similar to how a car needs routine upkeep, both your hearing and vision should be tested on a regular basis. Your doctor can help you determine how frequent these tests should be.

Don’t Forget Your Glasses – Glasses and contact lenses are used for an obvious reason – many people struggle to see without them. For those with impaired vision, the importance of wearing prescribed glasses and contact lenses can’t be understated. Likewise, it is also highly advisable to get new eyeglasses/contact lens prescriptions when necessary.

Keep Your Car In Good Shape – Driving can be difficult enough without being burdened with a burnt out headlight or smudged windows and mirrors. Make sure to take care of such problems when they arise. You can also make driving an easier task by increasing the brightness of your dashboard.

Take a Refresher Driving Course – Even after driving for decades, older drivers can still benefit from taking courses designed to hone their driving skills. Such courses might be offered by local organizations and/or community organization programs.

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