How Eating Smart Can Help With Your Skin

When it comes to the topic of skin care, most people think of such things as lotions, cleansers or (in the summer months anyway) sun screen. But according to recent research, your diet might also play a key role in the condition of your skin – at least for those suffering from psoriasis.

Not Just a Sea

A 2018 French study found a connection between the condition of psoriasis patients’ skin and their diets. Surveying over 3,500 people, the study authors documented each participant’s food consumption patterns. Specifically, they documented how closely each adult adhered to the “Mediterranean diet,” which places a strong emphasis on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. In addition, this diet also called for regular consumption of fish, nuts and olive oil. Conversely, items such as red meat, dairy and alcoholic drinks are minimized. 

The 3,500 psoriasis patients were split into three groups based on their dietary habits. One group consisted of subjects who rarely ate items in line with the Mediterranean diet. A second grouping featured participants who were relatively faithful to Mediterranean diet guidelines. Finally, a third group of subjects were determined to be the most adherent to this dietary regimen.

Food for Thought

These latter two groups were found to be in better overall shape than those who eschewed the Mediterranean diet. People who were relatively faithful were 29 percent less likely to exhibit severe symptoms of psoriasis. For those who most stringently stuck to the diet, this figure was 22 percent. 

The authors caution that their work does not conclusively link the Mediterranean diet to less intense psoriasis symptoms. Rather, it could be that people with especially bad psoriasis simply follow very poor diets, and thereby consume excessive amounts of fat and sugar. 
The French study can be found in further detail in the July 25, 2018 issue of the journal JAMA Dermatology

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