Higher Life Design

Arriving at Your Intended Destination Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy

by Jefferson Santos

I walked down the sidewalk on my way to the mailbox fearing the worst. Rather than a friend, the mailbox seemed more like an assassin. Its favorite target? My pride. My future. And most devastating – my credit score. I wasn’t financially irresponsible, but then again Donald Trump wasn’t sitting at my feet to learn any tips about money management either. Truth is I was broke. Worse than that, I was broke and in the hole. Yep. Twenty-three years old, $70K in debt, and living with my mom in her apartment. I was the essence of a self-made man. Except that I hadn’t made anything yet and I definitely didn’t feel like a man at the moment. Despite a large amount of entrepreneurial ambition for my new business start-up, life had me in a choke hold and I felt close to tapping out. Life held Author Jefferson Santos up against the ropes until he discovered the answer, the 7 steps that now make up the “Higher Life Design”. Today a competent and confident entrepreneur, Jefferson earns over 7 figures. A quarter of a million strong, his international team grows daily. He’s trained teams from A to Z from Amsterdam to Zimbabwe and everywhere else in between. His house and car are both paid for by his company and in the past 84 months he’s taken 107 vacations. In this transformational book Jefferson will show you the 7 step model that changed his life. What if you had vibrant health, abundant wealth, and unending happiness? What if you got the exact results you wanted? Think it’s too good to be true? Think again. Think Higher Life Design.