Global Warming: What You Can Do to Help Stop It

by Wellness Editor – MH

The Green Industry is a booming industry not only in the United States but worldwide. With concerns of global warming soaring to an all time high; citizens and businesses alike are beginning to make changes in every day life to help curb the effects of global warming and you can too. With just a few simple adjustments in our daily routine we can come together as one and reduce the damage that has been done and is being committed to our beautiful planet. We only have one Earth and we need to start taking care of it and reversing the harmful effects of modernization.

Five Major Causes of Global Warming

Five of the biggest reasons to why there is an increase of Carbon Dioxide (Co2) in the atmosphere causing the greenhouse effect and global warming:

1)   Co2 emissions from factories and power plants burning fossil fuels

2)   Carbon emissions from burning gasoline (cars, trains, planes, trucks etc)

3)   Methane emissions from animals, agriculture (rice paddies for example), and from Arctic sea beds

4)   Deforestation, especially in the tropical forests for wood, and to make space for farmland

5)   Increased use of chemical fertilizers on crops. These fertilizers are rich in nitrogen and when this nitrogen is released into the atmosphere it heats up the atmosphere even more. Chemical fertilizers also seep into water tables and the ocean.  This seeping effect contaminates them both and creating “dead zones” in the ocean; this is when there is no plant or animal life in the ocean due to pollution.

Five Major Effects of Global Warming

Five of the biggest concerns and impacts of Global Warming that will face our world if we continue down this path are very serious.

1)   A rise in sea levels worldwide may wipe out many coastal towns.

2)   More intense killer storms like hurricane Katrina. Hurricanes are becoming more severe and common due to the increase in water temperatures world wide.

3)   In the future we could see a massive crop failure worldwide due to the lack of water; making it

impossible to feed the ever growing population of the world.

4)   T he wide-spread extinction of species which will harm, and possibly destroy our fragile eco-system.

5)   Finally we would see a disappearance of coral reefs from our oceans worldwide.

Global warming is caused both naturally and by humans, but humans are the main factor in why global warming has become such a major issue in our world today.

Five Simple Steps To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Here are five simple steps that everyone can due to help reverse the effects of global warming and even save a few dollars in doing so. If we all come together and do our part it is not too late to reverse the harm done to our Earth.

1) Shower a Little Less

If you take a 10, 15 or 20 minute shower, stop one minute earlier. You will save 4 to 8 gallons of water. If just 1 million people did this worldwide; we would save 8 to 12 million gallons of water daily. This will help save you money on your water and heating bills.

2) Turn Off Lights

When leaving a room, shut the light off. If you have a dimmer switch, turn the lights slightly. Collectively we can save 1 million kilowatts of electricity a day. This will help cut down on those expensive electric bills we all get monthly.

3) Recycle Aluminum

Put the soda can in the recycle bin and know you have contributed to 1 million aluminum cans being recycled daily. That is 1 million less cans a day going into landfills worldwide, cutting down on our trash output is imperative.

4) Recycle Newspapers and Magazines

Put these in a separate recycle bin and enjoy the knowledge that 1 million of you helped save a thousand acres of forest today. The forests cut down to produce paper are a major factor in reducing Co2 in the atmosphere.  Trees, and all plants for that matter, “breathe” in Co2 and “exhale” oxygen making it possible for us as humans to breathe.

5) Switch Household Cleaners

Change your household cleaning solutions to the non toxic chemical variety.  This way no more toxic chemicals would pollute our rivers and oceans.  Even if you just do one or two of these five simple tips daily your impact on the reversal of global warming will be substantial. Every person can afford to do a few of these daily and if we all come together as one, the possibilities are endless.

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