Glenn Plaskin

Episode # 126

If you’ve ever considered writing a book but don’t have the confidence or know-how to organize your thoughts and capture your unique voice, than you certainly don’t want to miss this episode of The Alden Report. Today we are incredibly honored to be joined by best-selling ghostwriter Glenn Plaskin who is one of the nation’s leading celebrity interviewers specializing in writing non-fiction memoirs, business, self-help, leadership, and inspiration books. He has collaborated with public speakers, CEO’s, adventurers, and celebrities– anyone with a unique story to tell. His profiles and columns have appeared in the New York Times, the Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, US Weekly, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, W, and Playboy. His interview subjects have included such figures as Katharine Hepburn, Nancy Reagan, Calvin Klein, Senator Edward Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Leona Helmsley, Barbara Walters, Michael Jackson, Diane Sawyer, Donald Trump, Peter Jennings, Meryl Streep and 100’s of others. His TV appearances include The Today Show, Oprah, and Larry King Live. In recent years, Glenn has gone beyond celebrity interviewing to writing articles and books focused on service, self-help, and inspiration and has worked with many of the leading figures in this genre as well.

We begin by talking about how he was first trained as a classical pianist, studying under the renowned Kennedy Center honoree Leon Fleisher. With a dramatic change of career in his mid-20’s, with no experience but considerable determination, he began writing culture profiles for the New York Times, securing his first book contract at age 26 when he was encouraged in his writing by then-Doubleday editor Jacqueline Onassis, who would later write: “I’ve known Glenn for some years and am his great admirer. He’s witty, articulate, and has this uncanny ability to draw people out and gain their confidence.” We move on to discuss how he built his invaluable and extensive connections and he shares fascinating stories with us about his interviews with celebrities such as Katharine Hepburn, Kenya West, Robert DeNiro, Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino, Audrey Hepburn, Sylvester Stallone, Paul Newman and many others.

 Thank you very much to Glenn for joining us and for candidly sharing his compelling life stories, advice and overall knowledge of the industry. 

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