Getting More Done at the Office

by Wellness Editor – MH

Nearly everyone knows the feeling of being stressed out at work – impending deadlines, IT problems, overdue and delayed projects, and tedious meetings are just some examples of obstacles that ruin your workday. While there’s no way to avoid every single office-related problem that is thrown your way, below is a list of practical steps that can make work a little bit less stressful.

Don’t Overdo the Email – While it’s tempting to constantly check your email, you would be better off looking at your inbox only a few times per day. By spending too much time looking over your email, you might get distracted from more important priorities. In addition, keep your emails as short as necessary, and only send them when needed.

Clear Your Mind with (Short) Breaks – If you find yourself becoming stressed out over an assignment or project, you might consider stepping away from your work for a moment to clear your head. This strategy could include a quick walk around the office, a trip to the water cooler or just turning away from your computer screen for a minute. Be careful not to take too long with your mental break, though – you might draw scrutiny from your supervisors.

Save the Social Media for After Work – They may be addictive, but spending time on social networking sites is a great way to waste valuable work time. Unless you need them for work-related tasks, hold off on using social media until you clock out.

Make a “To-Do” List – This tip can really come in handy if you’re juggling multiple assignments and tasks. Often times, trying to remember multiple objectives can overburden your memory, and you may forget to get around to a particular task until it is too late. A to-do list not only helps you remember what assignments you need to accomplish, it also allows you to prioritize your upcoming tasks by importance. One optional suggestion is to make several to-do lists, with some for short-term tasks and others for long-term objectives. Also, remember to be realistic when writing your lists – placing too many items on your list reduces their usefulness.

Clear out the Clutter – A lot of us are guilty of letting papers, books, binders and other office supplies gather dust on our desks. Not only does this clutter make it harder to find certain items when you need them, but it also takes up badly needed space on your desk. Try to take about 15 minutes per day to organize items on your desk, and throw away or store items that are no longer needed.

Stay Hydrated – Many employees like to drink a good amount of coffee while going about our daily work routines. Unfortunately, coffee dehydrates our bodies, and your brain needs plenty of water to fire on all cylinders. If fact, when you are dehydrated, your brain only functions at one-third of its capacity. To prevent this from happening, drink two cups of water for every cup of coffee you consume.

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