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Who We Are

We are an entrepreneurial driven marketing company that publishes best selling books.  We pride ourselves in the fact that from every step of the way we think of marketability first.  Did you know that most authors sell less than 500 copies of their book?  Imagine spending upwards of two years, even getting a publishing deal with a “big” publisher and nothing.  We leverage over 20 years of sales and marketing along with our technology driven platform to not only publish award winning books but bona fide best sellers. There are a lot of big publishers that even leverage brand names and charge a premium based upon a trade name.  But, when it comes time to deliver they fall short on the sales and marketing.  

Leveraging Technology

Disruption is happening everyday and companies in this space are antiquated and lack the understanding of the marketplace. Having spent hundreds of millions in advertising over the years Mr. Alden has developed proprietary sales and marketing systems that work while always paying attention to the consumer demand. These systems and processes have been incorporated into Alden Publishing giving us an unfair advantage. As technology advances we continue to advance and innovate. We will also let the world in on a little secret. There are “old school” techniques that have always worked and continue to work. Most publishers lack the fundamental skills. This is where we come in.


Alden Publishing has complete distribution channels for its authors so that every reader will know when your book gets published. Do you want to see your book in the airports? How about propped up on the shelves of some of the major retailers? We have the relationships to get that done as well. But, those perks will not happen unless you have a successful book launch and promotion.

Being A Published Author Can Kickstart Your Business

We are 100% committed to turning your dreams into goals and your goals into reality.

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