Four Summer Health Myths

  • You Can’t Get Sunburned on Cloudy Days: You might be tempted to think that clouds offer protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, and that sunburn risk is low during cloudy weather. In fact, 80 percent of UV rays cut right through cloud cover. Furthermore, UV rays can bounce off of sand, snow, cement, and water, meaning that they are a constant presence during the summer months.
  • A Cold Milk Bath is Good For Sunburns: Strange as  it  might sound, some people try to alleviate sun burns by bathing themselves in cold milk. This is certainly a novel approach; it is also completely unsupported by medical science.  If you need to deal with a nasty sunburn, try applying Aloe Vera to the affected region of the body. A cold shower may also help.
  • Any Drink Can Rehydrate You: You might think that you’re fending off dehydration by chugging a soft drink or beer on a hot summer day. In reality, you’re just making things tougher for your body. This is because drinks that are either high in sugar or alcohol content actually wind up dehydrating the body further. A plain old glass of water is a much better bet.
  • Lack of Sleep is Responsible for Jet Lag: How many times have you heard someone complain about jet Jag? Many travelers attribute their jet lag to a lack of sleep. In reality, summer jet lag has nothing to do with poor sleeping habits en route to your destination. This issue occurs due to a discrepancy between your body’s internal clock and the external time clock of your new location.

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