Four Outdoor Activities for Summer

When the summer months come around, you can generally count on the reappearance of warm weather, various bugs and ice cream trucks. Chances are you will also see an increase in the number people milling about outside. Aside from an opportunity to soak up the sun, spending time outdoors also represents a great chance to get some exercise. 

Walking: As far as exercises go, it really doesn’t get much easier than walking. If your schedule allows for it, try to walk for a total of 30 minutes five days per week. To make this goal more practical, break up these half-hour walks into smaller chunks throughout the day.

Cycling: Not surprisingly, riding a bike is a great way to work the lower part of your body such as the hamstrings and thigh muscles. When purchasing a bicycle, make sure to select one that fits your body; an ill-fitting bike can prove harmful to both your knees and back. If the weather is too hot and humid, you can get a similar workout by riding a stationary bike.

Swimming: Looking for an activity that boosts both your arms and legs? Then jump into your nearest pool, as swimming simultaneously accomplishes both goals. As an added bonus, this aquatic exercise takes it easy on your joints.

Kayaking: Kayaking may not seem like an exhaustive workout, but paddling these small boats is actually a taxing endeavor. Specifically, kayaking works the upper body, back and core.

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