Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on Sofa

Four Good Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

by bluevase

There are a number of people who may have interest in buying a dog, but hold off on doing so for certain reasons. For apartment dwellers, a lack of space is an obvious concern. Fortunately, some smaller-sized dogs can successfully adapt to living in such homes.PVBHInstagram 1080 x 1080

Boston Terrier ‒ The exercise needs of Boston Terriers can be satisfied with only moderate amounts of physical activity, a trait that makes them well-suited for apartment life. Furthermore, these dogs are relatively quiet, easy to groom and get along rather well with both children and older adults alike.

Chihuahua ‒ If you’re in the market for a small dog, a Chihuahua could be right up your alley. as this breed weighs just two to six pounds on average. Many have short coats, which serves to dramatically cut down on grooming time. There are some drawbacks to this dog; they have trouble handling cold temperatures and they do tend to be make a lot of noise (though their barking habits can be largely corrected with training).

Dachshund ‒ Despite their small stature, a Dachshund shouldn’t be mistaken for a pushover. In fact, these stubby-legged dogs were bred for the purpose of hunting wild animals. Dachshunds usually behave much differently around people, displaying energetic and affectionate personalities. It should be noted that these dogs are loud and frequent barkers, which may not appeal much to your neighbors. On the plus side, Dachshunds are relatively low-maintenance pets.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ‒ Perhaps the most appealing characteristic of the Cavalier Spaniel is its laid-back temperament. Thanks to this lack of aggression, humans and other dogs generally don’t bother the Cavalier. These dogs love to snuggle with their owners, and have a noticeably calm disposition.

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