Four Dietary and Lifestyle Changes For Psoriasis

Lose Weight:

There are many reasons to lose excess weight, especially for those who are obese. Aside from reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, shedding extra pounds may help your skin. Research has found a correlation between higher body mass indexes and an increased likelihood of developing psoriasis.

Consume Anti-inflammatory Foods:

Many people who struggle with weight also must contend with metabolic disorder. In short, metabolic disorder is used to describe a group of conditions (including high blood pressure, high blood sugar and excess waist fat) that occur simultaneously. 

In turn, metabolic disorder can put you at greater risk of inflammation, which may increase the severity of psoriasis symptoms. Because of this, it could be beneficial for psoriasis sufferers with metabolic disorder to consume foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Examples of such foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and cold-water fish.

Be More Active:

Aside from eating better, those with psoriasis might also consider getting more physical activity. A 2013 study, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, examined the impact of both healthy dieting and exercise on psoriasis symptoms. They found that this approach alleviated the symptoms caused by this condition.

Cut Down On Stress:

Everyone has to contend with stress to at least some degree. Those who experience excessive chronic stress, however, might find themselves at greater risk of serious problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, along with a number of mental health problems. Likewise, frequent bouts of stress could cause flare-ups of psoriasis symptoms. 

Some relatively simple methods for cutting back on stress include meditation, deep breathing and exercise. Getting enough sleep and avoiding excessive alcohol and drug consumption can also prove effective in this regard.

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