Four Common Myths About Nutrition

  1. It’s All About the Calories: Many people wrongly assume that they can lose weight simply by burning off more calories than they consume. The reality is not so simple; there are several other factors that influence weight besides calories, including hormonal imbalances and medical conditions. The use of certain medications and even your genetic profile can also make it rather difficult to shed pounds.
  2. Smaller, More Frequent Meals are the Way to Go: It may seem perfectly logical that avoiding three large meals in favor of smaller, more numerous offerings would help avoid overeating. But some medical research disputes this notion. For otherwise healthy individuals, what may really matter is adhering to a regular meal schedule.
  3. Low Fat Foods Make for Healthy Alternatives: There are seemingly endless products at the supermarket that come with a “Low Fat” marking. Alternatively, you might have seen various items marketed as “light,” “fat-free” or possibly “diet.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the devil is in the details; such offerings often substitute fat with copious amounts of sugar and salt. Needless to say, that doesn’t really make for the cornerstone of a healthy diet.
  4. All Smoothies and Juices Are Good For You: Speaking of added sugars, you should also check the sugar content of supposedly healthy juices and smoothies. In many cases, these products are brimming with sugar, and also contain surprisingly high amounts of calories.

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