Five Tips for Treating Back Pain

1. Lose That Extra Weight: By just taking a quick look around, you can tell that many Americans struggle with their weight. Being significantly overweight leads to numerous health woes, including a bothersome back. To shed the extra flab, try to adhere to a diet that emphasizes fruits and vegetables while eschewing processed foods.

2. Sit Up Straight!: When you were growing up, your parents probably chastised you at least occasionally for poor posture. As it turns out, your parents were trying to do you a favor, as people who slouch while sitting at desks or walking about could later suffer from painful backs. When sitting down, try to pick a chair that allows you to keep your back straight.

3. Lift Smart: Many people hurt their backs thanks to terrible lifting technique. If you have to pick something up from the ground, remember to bend your knees while keeping the object close to your body. Those who work jobs that involve heavy lifting might also consider purchasing a brace.

4. Build Up Your Back: Back injuries also occur when people overtax themselves while doing yard work or picking up large items. Simply put, such individuals just don’t have the back strength to deal with such strain. Building up your back muscles can help preserve the health of your spine.

5. Give Your Back A Stretch: Many people skip this before their workouts. This can be a pretty serious mistake, putting the back at risk of potential injury. While you might have to force yourself to do it, stretching before exercise and heavy lifting can yield major dividends down the line.

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