Five Things You May Not Have Known About Your Kidneys

The Kidneys might not get the amount of attention that the heart or brain do, but they are nonetheless essential parts of the body. Listed below are five facts you probably didn’t know about these vital organs.

Lightweights – Kidneys are important, but that doesn’t mean they’re heavy. On average, a kidney accounts for merely 0.5% of a person’s bodyweight.

Small But Significant – In addition to being light, the kidneys are also fairly small, having a shape that resembles a computer mouse.

Heavy Traffic – Out of all the blood pumped out from the heart, roughly 20 to 25% of it passes through the kidneys.

Staying Busy – Think your job is tough? Each day, your kidneys filter 50 gallons worth of blood.

A Good Cleaning – In order to perform their central task, your pair of kidneys rely on the help of over 1 million small filters.

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