Feeding Dogs with Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is not just limited to humans, since our four legged canine friends can also develop this dangerous condition. For dogs stricken with kidney disease, some significant dietary changes could be in order.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – Thanks to kidney disease, dogs have to expend more water to remove expel toxins from their bodies. Because of this, it is important for such dogs to receive moistened food.

The Problem of Protein – Protein is an important part of any dog’s diet. However, for dogs suffering from kidney disease, the best approach is to limit protein consumption while simultaneously seeking high-quality protein.

Absolutely No Grapes and Raisins – What could be wrong with grapes and raisins? The answer is that while such items are usually good for humans, they are downright dangerous for dogs. In fact, both raisins and grapes can cause healthy dogs to develop kidney failure.

Keep Your Dog Fed – Dogs with kidney problems often struggle to maintain a healthy weight. To prevent your furry companion from becoming dangerously thin, try feeding them multiple times during the day.

Keep Water Close By – Even when in good shape, your dog should still have easy access to a sufficient amount of water. Kidney disease makes adequate water consumption even more important for dogs.

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