EVEREST: Being Unstoppable

Book One of the 7 Summits to Success Series

by Sean Swarner

Do you have a goal you can’t stop thinking about? Do you have a dream you are yearning to chase, but just don’t know how to make it a reality? Do you keep putting it off until “someday?”

“Someday” is today. The world is ready for you to begin your own journey to success and achieve your dream.

EVEREST: Being Unstoppable, is Book One of the 7 Summits to Success series. This book contains a story of one man’s journey to accomplish what was once thought impossible. Sean Swarner overcame two different cancers to make his dream of climbing Mt. Everest (with one lung), the highest mountain in the world, a reality.

In addition to sharing his story with the world, Sean shares the guiding principles that made his own dreams a reality. This book begins with Sean’s story of survival, adventure, and cliff-hanging suspense, and concludes with a section containing simple, practical steps you can use to fulfill your own dream and goals. You’ll learn how Sean managed to make the impossible possible, and incorporate those same, simple, but powerful steps into climbing your own Everest.

The 7 Summits to Success book series chronicles Sean’s story on a different mountain throughout his quest to climb the famed Seven Summits (the highest mountain on each of the seven continents). Each book concludes with different guiding principles, practical, easy steps, and exercises. Each book will help you create critical life-changing habits, and build upon those from each preceding book. If they worked for Sean to make history, and accomplish the “impossible,” we have no doubt they’ll change your life and help you live the life you have always dreamed of.