Eight Recent Findings About Stress

Less Weight, Less Stress?: Being significantly overweight might interfere with your brain’s cognitive functions.

Bad for the Heart: Along with other changes (such as a lack of control and unexpected changes) dealing with constant stress can easily take its toll on your heart.

Sick and Tired: According to a recent study, a stress-filled life could lead to feelings of fatigue and illness.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine: One common way to relieve stress is to laugh. Some research indicates that simply anticipating laughter can likewise achieve similar results.

Taking Years off Your Life: A study found a connection between a rise in all-cause mortality in the next two decades and self-reported stress levels. They believe that those burdened by stress could face a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and/or cancer.

A Mental Workout: Regular exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and preserving/building muscle mass. A study of various athletes determined that exercise may not only reduce stress levels, but could also bolster your defenses against stress.

Not Just a Problem for Adults: Stress isn’t something that adults must contend with; the health of children is likewise negatively impacted by elevated stress levels.

One thing Leads to Another: Those who skimped on sleep exhibited poor eating habits, and were also less likely to exercise. A lack of sleep and exercise, in addition to poor nutrition, are all things that can increase stress levels.

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