Eight Important Facts About Diabetes

1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 30 million people in the United States are diabetic. Unfortunately, about one-fourth of these individuals do not know that they suffer from diabetes.

2. Prediabetes is believed to affect over 84 million Americans. Only one in ten prediabetes are aware of their condition.

3. In 2016, diabetes was the seventh-leading cause of the death in the US.

4. Over the last two decades, the prevalence of diabetes among the American population has increased threefold.

5. Despite its substantial impact on public health, many cases of type 2 diabetes are asymptomatic.

6. Those at risk of becoming diabetic can take measures to prevent the onset of diabetes, such as losing 10 to 15 pounds of excess weight and performing 30 minutes of daily physical activity.

7. On an annual basis, diabetes extracts $174 billion from the US economy.

8. Compared to non-diabetics, those with diabetes have double the risk of heart disease.

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