Easy Steps for Improving the Air in Your Home

by Emma Thomas

When the topic of “air pollution” comes up, most people think about quality of the air outdoors. However, aerial pollutants can affect the air inside your home as well. Fortunately, making a few adjustments can be help remove a significant amount of this pollution.

Improve Your Home’s Ventilation

Ever hear of trickle vents? In short, trickle vents are screens built with small filters, which allow fresh air to enter houses. They also provide an escape route for airborne pollutants.

Make Good Use of Air Conditioning

It’s hard to imagine getting through the humid summer months without air conditioning. What you may not have realized is that these devices simultaneously can remove water-soluble particles from your home, thereby improving indoor air quality.

Buy A HEPA Filter

As with trickle vents, HEPA filters are not especially well known. Created during World War II, HEPA filters work to purify air by trapping extremely small particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. These products tend to be pretty good at their job, as they are able to catch 99.97 percent of dust, smoke, pet dander, dust and pollen particles.

Keep a Clean House

Cleaning is time-consuming task and is always a bit of a chore, but it’s a very good way to prevent unhealthy particles from getting into the air. Washing blankets, sheets and bed covers in hot water (at least 130 ºF) can eliminated dust mites. Likewise, a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter blocks dust from being spewed back into the air.

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