Dr. Catie Norris

Episode # 117

Does Nutrition Really Matter?

In this episode, I speak with nutrition and wellness guru to the stars Dr. Catie Norris. Dr. Norris is the founder of Energy Essential’s Wellness Centers, Cure’s in the Kitchen and Catie’s Whole Plant Foods. She is also a researcher, educator, lecturer, national television & radio wellness advocate, and formulator of whole food products and supplements that make a life changing difference. We talk about how her determination, passion and knowledge evolved from her and her families own life threatening illnesses which have become springboard’s for remarkable triumph and radiant health. Dr. Norris has been a guest speaker on several health related television and radio shows and we are proud that she joins us for this episode. 

For more information on Dr. Catie Norris visit:  https://catiesorganics.com/