DJ Thielen

Episode # 135

You Are Already A Success Living the Life You Want. Really?

This episode I’m very excited to be speaking with real estate investor, entrepreneur, speaker and mentor DJ Thielen.  Again, yet another guest that I connected with on a personal level as DJ comes from some seriously humble beginnings. Raised by a single mother (and personal hero) he experienced poverty, abuse and dealt with ADHD.  Even though he loathed school, he used his athletic ability to rise above to eventually become the 6th pick of the San Francisco Giants during the 1991 MLB Draft. After playing professional baseball for 6 years, the true entrepreneur in DJ kicked in and he started his first of many companies at the age of only 28 years old.  Since then, he has started a number of companies, written two Best-Selling books, has become a public and keynote speaker, has sold over 3,000 properties, is the CEO of one of the top “Turn-Key” Real Estate Investment firms in the Country, and has created a “Home Flipping & Wholesaling Academy” all of which have rightfully earned him the nickname “The Game Changer.”

Thank you so much to DJ Thielen for making this is an amazing and super informative episode of The Alden Report.

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