Five Different Types of Meditation

by Emma Thomas

When reading the other articles in this issue, you’ve no doubt come across several different kinds of meditation. Listed below are some succinct descriptions for some these meditative practices:

Mindfulness Meditation 

Mindfulness meditation emphasizes being cognizant of one’s surroundings. Furthermore, practitioners aim to avoid thinking about the past and future, and instead concentrate only on the present.

Spiritual Meditation

People who use spiritual meditation to receive guidance from a higher power or deity. A person does not have to subscribe to any certain religion in order to practice this meditative method. Oftentimes, people use spiritual meditation in order to uncover the answer to a specific question. It is also used to clear the mind and tap into inner wisdom.

Focused Meditation

Some people struggle with “emptying” their mind of thoughts. For these individuals, focused meditation might be a better bet. While meditating, focused meditation practitioners concentrate on a certain thought, object, sound or idea. Some even direct their focus towards their own breathing.

Mantra Meditation

Most picture think of meditation as a fairly silent practice. In fact, mantra meditation involves loudly and repeatedly chanting a word or sound, commonly referred to as a mantra. During a mantra meditation session, the mantra itself becomes of the focus of the practitioner.

Movement Meditation

Unlike other meditative practices, those who practice movement meditation engage in smooth, graceful and repetitive motions. Rather than concentrate on certain words or items, this type of meditation requires that a person think about these movements as they meditate.

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