Devell Hawkins

Episode # 122

Today I talk with best-selling author Devell Hawkins who has an amazing story that I’m honored to share on this episode of The Alden Report. A Florida native, Devell grew up impoverished in a single parent (mother) household in a rough neighborhood. Suffering from dyslexia at an early age, his learning disability brought him feelings of embarrassment and frustration which resulted in his admitted poor decision making. As a result, repeated arrests from a young age through adulthood left him with an extensive criminal history ultimately resulting in 22 year sentence in Federal prison. 

On the inside, Devell refused to allow his past to dictate his future, changed his way of thinking, faced his disability and proudly earned his GED after seven long years of hard work and dedication. In 2015, Devell wrote his first urban novel, Saga A Living Legend. He shares with us the fascinating account of how he earned the support of NBA Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady who assisted him in independently publishing his book. His second book Saga No Better Timing, was released in 2016 and his third book I Come Before U, took Devell’s talents to another level when it achieved #1 Best-Selling status on Amazon. 

Thank you to Devell for sharing his truly inspiring story of ambition, perseverance and success. 

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