Creative 8

Healing Through Creativity & Self-Expression

by Fred R. Moss MD

CREATIVE 8 offers a surprisingly simple method for healing, utilizing creativity & self-expression. Transformative Psychiatrist and coach DR. FRED MOSS developed the Creative 8 methodology in his private practice, and has used it successfully with both psychiatric patients and coaching clients alike.The method is easy to learn—anyone can implement it, and it can take less than 5 minutes per day. Really.Surprisingly simple and fun—the power and impact of the CREATIVE 8 should not be underestimated.In CREATIVE 8, Dr. Fred not only teaches the method itself, he provides helpful tips and coaching on optimal mindsets and attitudes for deriving the greatest value of the methodology.CREATIVE 8 provides readers—whether they be fellow practitioners, coaches, or individuals seeking hope and healing—with a simple, powerful, easy-to-implement practice that harnesses the uniquely human powers of creativity and self-expression to bring about healing.