CJ Finley

Episode # 163

Are You Sacrificing Your Time, Health, Relationships, Vision and Experiences for Income?

This week I’m very happy to welcome adrenaline junky, athlete, serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and life hacker CJ Finley to this week’s episode of The Alden Report. CJ Finley is the founder of THRIVE ON LIFE, a media and consulting company that focuses on helping other mission based people, brands, and businesses scale their passions to THRIVE on life, love, health, and everything in between.

After jumping directly into a corporate environment he believed was his required life path, CJ struggled to adjust to a world where he felt isolated and depressed. Eventually, while struggling with his own auto-immune disease, CJ quit his engineering career to pursue his passion of helping people to pursue healthier and happier lifestyles by giving them the tools and resources needed to execute becoming their best selves. This fresh purpose in life led him to help people become more confident and improve their lives for the better eventually turning into coaching large groups of people at world renowned events like SXSW. As a positivity activist and coach, CJ devotes much of his time to mentoring young entrepreneurs and leading health and wellness events in the community with a heavy emphasis on integrating principles of physical/mental/spiritual health from a young age.

As the host of the THRIVE ON LIFE Podcast, CJ shares inspiring guests and stories to motivate all who listen to make every heartbeat count.

Thank you very much to CJ Finley for joining us this week on The Alden Report.

For more information on CJ Finley, you can visit https://www.cjfinley.com/and listen to the Thrive on Life podcast at: https://thriveonlife.com/podcasts/

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