Charles Fazzino

Episode # 57

Charles Fazzino is one of the most popular and highly-collected pop artists today. His three-dimensional works are vibrant, unique, and detailed, depicting urban landscapes, sporting events, and modern celebrities. Fazzino’s creations have been commissioned by organizations such as the NFL for the Superbowl since 2001, GRAMMY Awards, MLB, and the United States Olympic Committee for the 2016 Rio Summer Games, he’s also been profiled by CBS. His works are labor-intensive and require several stages to complete. Fazzino begins by creating a flat drawing that undergoes several revisions, from there the artwork is then sent to a silkscreen printer. The flat sheets return to Fazzino’s studio where elements are hand cut and laid out onto the heavier boards to create the layered effect. The limited edition pieces are then finished with glitter and crystals.