Mental Health & Well Being

Living with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is hardly a pleasant experience, as it causes the brain to be bombarded with unwanted thoughts, urges or images. While treatments exist for OCD, it can be challenging to find a reliable treatment program for ,,,
It would seem as if the risks of sun exposure would be well understood by all segments of the general population, from teenagers to the elderly. If researchers from the Oregon State University Cascades are correct, however, there is ,,,
It goes without saying that some jobs are more dangerous than others. For example, working as a roofer entails more risks that a receptionist. But aside from the obvious factors, what else impacts your health and workplace injury risk? ,,,
Whether it’s in candy, cookies or various drinks, people just can’t get enough of sugar. Unfortunately, high sugar intake is associated with numerous problems, including weight gain and diagnosis. Furthermore, men who consume large amounts of sugary goods might ,,,
The rapid growth of smartphone use is quite impressive. According to Pew Research, 35% of adults owned a smartphone in 2011, a figure which spiked to 77% just six years later. Likewise, a growing number of youths are using ,,,
Daylight savings time might be best known for causing you to lose an hour of sleep, as clocks spring forward the night this period starts. But suppose pushing the clock an hour forward might have some other consequences? A ,,,
Life as an older adult can be quite challenging, both mentally and physically. Listed below are seven facts that demonstrate some age-related problems: 1. Believe it or not, an astounding 90% of Americans aged 55 and older are at ,,,
When people think of stroke victims, they generally picture older adults and senior citizens. And to be sure, elderly adults are more likely to suffer stroke than their younger counterparts. Unfortunately, strokes are becoming more and more frequent among ,,,
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