Tips for Preventing Infections

Wash Your Hands: Everyone learned to do this as a kid, and for good reason. Depending on where they are and the type of pathogen involved, harmful microbes can stick around on surfaces for up to several months. Consequently, touching such surfaces makes it easy for germs to get into your body. In fact, hand-to-mouth […]

5 Hot Flash Triggers

Hot flashes are a common occurrence for women during menopause. In fact, it is estimated that this issue affects roughly three-fourths of women their menopausal period. Fortunately, avoiding the following triggers can help preempt hot flash flare-ups. #1 Spicy Foods ‒ For women with menopause, eating spicy products can quickly induce symptoms such as sweating, […]

Exercising During Menopause

The onset of menopause is not something many women look forward to. Menopausal symptoms can last for several years, and may include everything from hot flashes to sleeping difficulties to painful sex. Despite these challenges, it is still possible for  menopausal women to participate in regular exercise. A Weighty Subject The effects of menopause are […]