Diet & Nutrition

It goes without saying that fried foods are popular in the United States. While they might appease the taste buds, fried foods are not exactly known for their nutritional value. This fact rings especially true when such foods are ,,,
1. Avoid Sugars and Refined Carbs: Everyone knows that sugary offerings are not good for the body. Likewise, refined carbs hardly qualify as healthy food, as they have lost most of their vitamins, fiber and minerals through food processing. ,,,
When you hear the word protein, you probably think of foods such as chicken, beef and perhaps eggs. If you’re a regular at the gym, you likely also associate protein with muscle building. According to a recent study, you ,,,
Even if you never buy them, it’s hard to avoid sports drinks. Sports beverages are a billion dollar industry, and countless numbers of people rely on them to rehydrate during workouts. Despite their popularity, sports drinks might do more ,,,
Who doesn’t like eating out on a Friday night? While going to your favorite restaurant is certainly an enjoyable experience, your dietary habits might prove harmful to your health in the long run. Too Much Junk Food A 2020 ,,,
1. Be Smart When Eating Out: Some restaurants are more sanitary than others. Before patronizing an eating establishment, review its inspection scores online. 2. …And Be Smart When You Get Home: It’s crucial to make sure leftovers are quickly ,,,
Ever hear of prediabetes? As you can imagine, it’s a condition that precedes diabetes. While having prediabetes doesn’t guarantee that you’ll become a diabetic, you can take steps to improve your odds of staying diabetes-free. A Big Problem According ,,,
Grilling is one of the most popular activities during the warmest months of the year. After all, who doesn’t like burgers and hot dogs fresh off the grill? Unfortunately, evidence suggests that outdoor cookouts are not without risk. Looking ,,,
When the topic of summer foods comes up, you probably think of items such as hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream. While such fare certainly tastes good, it’s not exactly the healthiest stuff to eat. Listed below are some ,,,
Did you know that foodborne illnesses become most prevalent during the summer months? It’s true – you have an elevated chance of ingesting bacteria-filled food during the summer months. Here are some foods that could prove especially risky. Homemade ,,,
Whether it’s candy, soda or pizza, it’s hard to find a child who doesn’t like junk food. Unfortunately, these items are called “junk food” for a reason, as they offer little in the way of nutritional value. A recent ,,,
1. Burn Off the Extra Weight: Many diabetics are either obese or significantly overweight. Consequently, these same individuals often struggle with their blood sugar (glucose) levels. Shedding the extra weight through exercise and better diet could help keep your ,,,
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