Life as an older adult can be quite challenging, both mentally and physically. Listed below are seven facts that demonstrate some age-related problems: 1. Believe it or not, an astounding 90% of Americans aged 55 and older are at ,,,
Even if your blood pressure is normal, chances are that you’re aware of at least one person suffering from this condition. Though millions of people suffer from hypertension, the exact causes of high blood pressure still have yet to ,,,
There are a number of reasons to spend more time outdoors, such as getting more physical activity for your body. If a 2015 Chinese study is correct, your eyes might benefit from some outdoor time as well. School’s Out!.. ,,,
For many people, personal relationships become increasingly important with age. Aside from making life more enjoyable, a strong social circle might help sustain the memories of older adults and seniors. Keeping Score A 2017 study, which appeared in the ,,,
It’s generally assumed that little can be done to roll back the effects of aging. But what if were possible to undo age-induced damage? Surprising as this notion may seem, a team of Boston-based researchers contends that certain cells ,,,
It might seem hard to believe that music therapy and horse riding can have any noticeable impact on the stroke recovery process. If a recent study is to be believed, this seemingly unrelated activities could actually help those recovering ,,,
One of the major factors in determining the quality of long-term health in humans is food. As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. In addition to positively affecting your overall quality of life, recent research indicates ,,,
No matter how much you take care of yourself, the human body is ultimately susceptible to the effects of age. For men, these changes can manifest themselves in a variety of different ways. Falling Levels of Testosterone: Generally speaking, ,,,
When people think of stroke victims, they generally picture older adults and senior citizens. And to be sure, elderly adults are more likely to suffer stroke than their younger counterparts. Unfortunately, strokes are becoming more and more frequent among ,,,
Regardless of how well you manage your personal health, every person eventually experiences the ravages of Father Time. While is common to hear complaints about the aging process, very few people know the reasons as to why we get ,,,
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