Do you know the smell? Poverty has an actual smell to it. It is very difficult to describe. But as someone who spent half his life poor. I know it when I smell it. You do too. Walk into ,,,
Lots of people have bucket lists. Things that they want to do or accomplish before they leave this planet, like going to see the pyramids in Egypt or jumping out of a plane. When people ask me about my ,,,
You may have heard that sitting is bad for you. But according to a recent study, not all types of sitting are detrimental to your long-term health.  Work, Leisure and the Heart According to Columbia University Vagelos College of ,,,
There are plenty of reasons to stay physically active; for starters, you’ll likely look better, and there’s a good chance you’ll feel better than your sedentary friends as well. For men, there may be yet another reason to lead ,,,
Of all exercises, there’s probably none better well-known than the push-up. While they’re are relatively simple to do, doing sets of push-ups might appear to some to have limited value. A recent study, however, suggests that push-ups could give ,,,
Labor Day
In this episode of the podcast Michael Alden talks about temporary defeats, and that it is okay to have a lazy day. However, only looking for the weekend and dredging through your work week isn’t a way to live. ,,,
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