For many people, personal relationships become increasingly important with age. Aside from making life more enjoyable, a strong social circle might help sustain the memories of older adults and seniors. Keeping Score A 2017 study, which appeared in the ,,,
In recent years, a number of studies have found a positive correlation between pet ownership and childhood health. At first, such news would seem like a another good reason to purchase a dog or cat. Unfortunately, it seems that ,,,
Do you know the smell? Poverty has an actual smell to it. It is very difficult to describe. But as someone who spent half his life poor. I know it when I smell it. You do too. Walk into ,,,
Lots of people have bucket lists. Things that they want to do or accomplish before they leave this planet, like going to see the pyramids in Egypt or jumping out of a plane. When people ask me about my ,,,
You may have heard that sitting is bad for you. But according to a recent study, not all types of sitting are detrimental to your long-term health.  Work, Leisure and the Heart According to Columbia University Vagelos College of ,,,
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, known as COPD for short, affects numerous Americans each and every day. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, approximately 16 million adults in the United States suffer from this condition. Fortunately, those ,,,
In the last several years or so, you’ve probably noticed a significant increase in the number of people staring at smartphones. This trend isn’t just limited to adults, as children can increasingly be found staring at such devices. Believe ,,,
Not only does post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) exact a heavy toll of its victims, but it is also a condition that is currently without a cure. A recent collaborative report, however, suggests that a potential treatment breakthrough could one ,,,
No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, you’re bound to experience stress from time to time. Stress can be hard on everyone, but it can especially take a toll on those with diabetes. Hitting a Flat Note This ,,,
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