Many cities in the developed world struggle with high levels of air pollution. Aside from making the air harder to breathe, research suggests that infants exposed to air pollution might be at greater risk of allergies. Sensitivity Testing The ,,,
Air pollution has long been a major problem in the United States and other industrialized nations. The pollutants often found in outdoor environments are further detailed below. Particulate Matter: The words “particulate matter” may not sound so intimidating, but ,,,
1) When we “multitask,” the brain is actually switching its focus very quickly between two different tasks. 2) Water makes up 75 percent of your brain. As a result, even being slightly dehydrated can interfere with your brain’s ability ,,,
Who doesn’t like eating out on a Friday night? While going to your favorite restaurant is certainly an enjoyable experience, your dietary habits might prove harmful to your health in the long run. Too Much Junk Food A 2020 ,,,