There’s a good chance you know a female relative who has undergone a mammogram at some point in her life. Having been used for decades, mammograms are an essential tool for the proper diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. ,,,
Much has been written about the benefits of a low- fat diet. As things currently stand, many Americans consume too much fat on a daily basis. Aside from helping to trim the waistline, cutting fat could also be especially ,,,
While the threat posed by breast cancer is well understood by the general public, there are plenty of facts regarding this disease that are less well known: There are over 2.5 million breast cancer survivors living in the United ,,,
Science Weighs In In recent years, a growing number of women have turned to fertility treatments to assist with their pregnancy efforts. With this trend has come concerns about the side effects of such treatments, especially with regards to ,,,
Given how many women develop breast cancer, it’s not surprising that much research has been conducted on the genetic risk factors of this notorious disease. As it turns out, genes might have more to say about breast cancer risk ,,,
The word “bacteria” probably doesn’t bring to mind very pleasant images. And to be sure, bacteria is behind many diseases we develop. However, new research indicates that certain bacteria might serve as a bulwark against breast cancer. Under the ,,,
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