As any parent can attest, toddlers can be quite a handful; when they’re not crying for milk, they might be fiddling around with dangerous objects. One such product that causes numerous problems for young children is household cleaners. Looking ,,,
Like the rest of the body, the eyes require regular checkups to in order to stay in good condition. Unfortunately, many people neglect their health, leading to the appearance of completely avoidable health woes. The same types of unnecessary ,,,
There are a number of reasons to spend more time outdoors, such as getting more physical activity for your body. If a 2015 Chinese study is correct, your eyes might benefit from some outdoor time as well. School’s Out!.. ,,,
When it comes to childhood health problems, many people tend to think of allergies or rising obesity rates. And while these issues are certainly important, evidence suggests that young Americans eyesight will likewise deteriorate over the coming decades. A ,,,
Ever heard of myopia? Perhaps you might think you haven’t, but chances are you actually have heard of this condition by this more common name – nearsightedness. If recent research is correct, smartphones are causing this problem to become ,,,
Farsightedness – that is, a condition in which a person struggles to see objects that are close by- is often viewed as a problem that affects older adults and seniors. And to be sure, this is often the case. ,,,
It can be safely said that school children generally do not like taking tests. Aside from those performance-related anxiety, students with vision problems might also have something to worry about – at least with regards to standardized tests. Vision, ,,,
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