There are many reasons to lose extra weight, as doing so could reduce your risks of heart attack and stroke. A new study suggests that your knees might also thank you for shedding excess pounds. Three Groups, Three Results ,,,
Six Things You Might Not Know About Your Bones Everyone knows that the human body features numerous bones, but did you know that the human skeleton features 206 bones in total? As shown by the following list, that’s far ,,,
It may seem as if more people than ever are complaining about aching knees. In fact, such sentiment is not too far from the truth ‒ a large scale study has recently concluded that knee osteoarthritis has become far ,,,
Obesity is a massive problem (pardon the pun) for many reasons, including for the extra weight it places on the joints. Because of this, it might seem logical for people to lose weight before undergoing joint replacement surgery. However, ,,,
Running is a popular activity enjoyed by numerous people across the globe. Unfortunately, running is not without its drawbacks, as it often blamed for knee joint inflammation and soreness. However, a recent report from Brigham Young University (BYU) suggests ,,,
Ever hear someone blame their joint pain on rainy weather? Strange as it might sound, this is a fairly common complaint among those plagued with achy joints. According to recent research, weather might be somewhat to blame for joint ,,,
Chances are that you’ve heard about a professional athlete suffering a meniscus tear. Such injuries aren’t limited to professional athletes; in fact, they are one of the most common cartilage-related issues to afflict the knees. The Role of the ,,,
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