It may seem that allergies are a fairly simple topic – in short, the immune system overreacts to harmless substances, causing various health issues. However, there are probably a few facts related to allergies that you were likely not ,,,
On the surface, it would seem that allergies and anxiety would have little in common, save for the fact that they both affect millions of Americans. A recent report, however, indicates that children with food allergies are likewise prone ,,,
There’s a good chance that, come the onset of autumn, you’ll suddenly find yourself experiencing a runny nose, itchy eyes and a scratchy throat. The impact of fall allergy season, however, can vary dramatically based on where you live. ,,,
It is generally understood that allergies can be blamed on an overzealous immune system. Until very recently, doctors could not pinpoint the cells responsible for such reactions; a 2017 report, however, believes it has identified these microscopic culprits. Picking ,,,
It’s a well know fact that peanuts are a fairly popular snack. Unfortunately, peanuts also trigger allergic reactions in a large number of people. The good news is that a cure for peanut allergies might be available in the ,,,
Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? If so, there’s a good chance that your annual misery can be blamed on ragweed, a technically harmless weed found across the United States. By learning more about this plant, allergy sufferers can ,,,
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