Caroline Goyder

Episode # 165

Do You Suffer From Social Anxiety and Fear of Public Speaking?

Do you feel a rising panic and butterflies in your stomach before big meetings, presentations and public speaking events? Do you wish you could harness and turn these feelings into power so people will attentively listen and take you and your ideas more seriously? You’re certainly not alone. Our guest this week on The Alden Report is TEDx speaker, voice expert, author and course creator Caroline Goyder. Caroline has perfected the art of teaching individuals to become confident and compelling speakers through varying tips, tricks and ideas which allow them to shine when presenting on a public level. She is a leading international expert speaker as well as a best-selling author of the recently released books Find Your Voicethe Secret to Talking with Confidence in Any Situation and Gravitas: Communicate with Confidence, Influence and Authority.

Caroline’s training and coaching methods ensure that her clients overcome the negative effects of stress on speaking delivery and build the self-awareness required to overcome limiting habits and traits that may be holding them back. She teaches them how to remain graceful under fire, find their voices and how to own a room with a compelling and authentic presence in order to inspire, influence and leave a lasting impact on an audience. 

Thank you so much to Caroline Goyder for joining us this week on The Alden Report.

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