Blake Mallen

Episode # 118


In this episode of The Alden Report we have Blake Mallen, a Billion-Dollar Brand Builder, Community Marketing Expert, TED Speaker, and the Host of the popular ‘ALIVE by Design’ Podcast. He has spent over two decades turning ideas into iconic healthy lifestyle brands that have transformed millions of lives around the world. Blake is continually featured in mainstream publications and speaks globally on his passion for community marketing, entrepreneurship and intentional living. In our discussion, Blake shares with us his how he got started, how he stays motivated as well as who and what inspires him. We also get into the details of his latest TED Talk on how to ‘shift the script’ which is inspiring a movement to move toward your ‘meant to’ away from your ‘supposed to’ and make the shift from being alive, to feeling fully ALIVE.

For more information on Blake and to listen to his Podcast and TED Talk, visit: