All In

6 & 7-Figure Entrepreneurs Share Success Secrets for Unlocking the Impossible and Achieving Your Wildest Dreams

by Michelle Kulp

Are you trying to find balance in your life? Are you coming up short when it comes to achieving your dreams and goals?

The truth is…

Extraordinary results demand intense amounts of energy, time and attention. When you spend time in one area of your life, you are going to be taking away time from other areas.

Every. Thing. Can’t. Have. Your. Full. Attention.

If you’re wondering why you aren’t achieving your goals, it might be because you haven’t fully committed to going ALL IN on them. When you make the decision to go ALL IN, it also means you are making a decision to go All Out in other areas of your life.

Going ALL IN requires sacrifice as well as setting priorities in your life; it’s not easy.

But trying to live life in “balance” is actually what is preventing your from making those extraordinary time commitments required to achieve greatness in any area of your life.

This book is not a roadmap or a blueprint on how to be wildly successful, but rather personal stories from 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs who share their pivotal moments of going ALL IN and how that changed the entire trajectory of their lives.

You’ll meet an entrepreneur who is on pace to generate $100 million in revenue this year, even though he grew up in extreme poverty, faced innumerable obstacles such as physical and mental abuse, alcoholism, living in foster homes and even jail.

You’ll also meet an entrepreneur who owns real estate in excess of $250 million dollars, but earlier in his life had begun to drift, lose momentum and justify why his life was in a tailspin and how he turned things around.

There are over a dozen stories from entrepreneurs who had to make the hard decision in their life to go ALL IN. One of the entrepreneurs learned how to say NO to others and YES to herself and dropped several of her services so she could go ALL IN on the one she loved.

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