5 Hot Flash Triggers

by bluevase

Hot flashes are a common occurrence for women during menopause. In fact, it is estimated that this issue affects roughly three-fourths of women their menopausal period. Fortunately, avoiding the following triggers can help preempt hot flash flare-ups.

#1 Spicy Foods ‒ For women with menopause, eating spicy products can quickly induce symptoms such as sweating, feelings of warmth and a red/flushed face. Foods that fall into this category include salsa and chicken wings.

#2 Drinking Caffeinated or Alcoholic Beverages ‒ While caffeinated drinks do offer a quick pick-me-up, the can also cause menopausal women to sweat. Beverages containing alcohol can also be problematic in this regard.

#3 Smoking ‒ The negative repercussions associated smoking are almost too numerous to count. Menopause flare-ups are just one such consequence of this notoriously unhealthy habit.

#4 Stress ‒ When the body is subjected to stress, it responds by releasing a hormone known as a adrenaline. In turn, this spurs the flow of blood through the body, leading to the onset of a hot flash.  

#5 Hot Weather/Hot Indoor Environment ‒ Menopausal women can be highly susceptible to warm temperatures, both inside and outside the home. Under such circumstances, both flushing and sweating can occur.

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