5 Easy Exercises for Your Heart

by Wellness Editor – MH

Though we may not think of it, the heart is actually a muscle. Like the muscles in our arms, legs and chest, the heart needs regular exercise in order to fire on all cylinders. Listed below are some exercises that have a positive effect on heart health (of course, you should always consult your doctor first before starting an exercise regimen).


Walking: When it comes to exercises, it doesn’t get any easier than walking. Even short walks around your neighborhood qualify as cardiovascular exercise. If possible, you might also consider walking to work instead of driving.


Climbing Stairs: Here’s another easy one ‒ climbing stairs is an easy way to quickly increase your heart rate and blood flow.


Cycling: Cycling not only helps the heart, but also helps to strengthen leg muscles as well. Moreover, thanks to stationary bikes, you don’t have to go outside to go cycling.


Swimming: Better heart health is just one of the reasons to take a dip in the pool. Swimming on a regular basis can build muscle mass, improve flexibility and shed excess pounds.


Using an Elliptical Machine: Similar to stationary bikes, elliptical machines are used indoors, offering shelter from inclement weather. The design of elliptical machines allows for a simultaneous lower and upper body workout.

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