4 Tips for Cutting Energy Use

by bluevase

It’s almost impossible to avoid using modern electronic appliances, such as refrigerators, cell phones and computers. While such items can make life easier and more enjoyable, they also require the use of a large amounts of fossil fuels. Of course, this is hardly the best thing for the environment.

The good news is that reducing your personal amount of energy consumption is a completely achievable goal, as shown by the tips below:

1.Shut Off Unused Products – This one is fairly self-explanatory. When not using a smartphone, TV or gaming console, the smart thing to do is to turn these items off until you need them again.

2. Air-Dry Dishes – Modern dishwashers have a built-in drying cycle, which comes in handy when cleaning dishes. The air in your kitchen, however, can serve as an energy-saving substitute.

3. Buy Fluorescent Light Bulbs – Fluorescent bulbs may not appeal to everybody, but there is no denying their eco-friendly levels of energy use. By replacing 15 incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent substitutes, you might be able to shave $50 off your yearly energy bill.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Furnace Air Filter – Performing upkeep on your furnace probably doesn’t sound all that enjoyable, but it’s an easy way to cut energy costs. Check with the manufacturer of your furnace to gauge how often the filter should be cleaned or replaced.

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